For a Friend!!


I don’t know how but let’s just start

You found me when I was a lonely heart

And showed me that light and a way out

My light in the dark was what you were about


You were the closest thing that I had for a friend

And I’m gonna be there for you until the end

Sometimes I even miss you cuz you were the only one

I may be the moon but you surely were my sun


Times were good when you were near

School was fun when you were here

I still remember meeting you for the first time

I’m a forever song and you’re my eternal rhyme


Like a shooting star, just don’t fade away

I believe in you, hope you stay the same way




Frozen times and memories burning
Rising faith and new leaves turning
Faith that I had from a time so long
My heart was the rhythm and my soul was the song

Yours was the soul that kept my heart beating
the name that my heart would just keep on repeating
You gave me hope to rise and thrive
Somehow you knew that I could survive

You told me to live the little things
And those were the things which gave me wings
My life would always be in the shadow of your deeds
Heaven knows how you came to know and fulfilled all my needs

If there’s one thing I’m thankful for, it’s you
And my heart is screaming loud so you can hear it too
When you hear it, I hope you consider it true
‘Cause when I own this world, I wanna be standing next to you

You had my trust that was gonna last forever
You believed in me, and this time too you were right as ever
I knew you had that mesmerising faith in me
‘Cause you were the only one to know what I really could be!!!

The Red Sky

on that lonely beach in the shadow of setting sun he stood

waiting for a sound familiar to help him do what  he should

no more he’s that great man once he used to be

family, wealth and power , all lost and here was he standing beneath the waves and below the sky going red

this eyes went wet when he thought of the day he was wed

he heard the sun telling him that all’s just lost

he know for sure that now the was no more than a wandering  ghost

his strength vanished with every blow of wind he faced

as he thought of the past his broken  heart just raced

it felt like he’s broken a sacred vow


then he looked up at the red sky

it whispered let’s just challenge the life

a ray of hope had opened another door

now he finally had something to fight for setting sun had given him a reason to rise of air

he was ready to race again through life’s fast lane

it was like an open book which he knew now how to read

never give of even if you have just one last breath to breathe


Power of the Words

words on paper are little things

but could preserve the realm and empires

and words could even give you wings

in those page they do aspire fires


they have kept the histories

and have seen those victories

words have commanded things to be

totally fascinating things they’ve always been to me


words have created worlds on end

those fantasies have a land of their own

words create a magical atmosphere and

they leave a longing for them while gone


words are an addiction of no cure

they can turn to magic for a heart so pure

words are the strongest things ever could be found

they can crumble castles to the ground


I have seen them do things like that

they can kill and bring back the life

I bowed to them and dropped my hat

for I know with them I could forever be alive